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6/18/2021: Calling all kids! Want to be a newscaster for Little News Ears? Drop us a line.

6/17/2021: “[Kiki’s Kidlines is] for ones who want kids to watch fun cartoon science” – Dr. Lining Yao, Mechanical Engineer at Carnegie Mellon University. Original tweet.

6/16/2021: Quinn’s Kidlines made the cut on a podcast playlist for celebrating pride.

6/15/2021: Our first promo about the end of the season for Cherry, Bird, Cow is out.

6/5/31/21: Nigella Lawson likes our tweet about tomorrow’s Cherry, Bird, Cow show about eating banana peels!

5/21/2021: Check out this Kids Listen playlist all about cicadas! We’re featured in it too. In fact, it’s in one of our most downloaded episodes: ‘This Church Will Remain Open

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It’s June 19, 2021. Paxton ‘kidifies’ news about Joe Biden’s summit with Vladimir Putin, a diamond rush in South Africa, the patriarch of the largest family in India dying, an activist in Peru who saved millions of acres of rainforest, and a Covid vaccination campaign in Germany with David Hasselhoff.

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It’s June 17, 2021. Kiki ‘kidifies’ headlines about a fire at the Silverwood Theme Park in Idaho, Positive Covid-19 News (instead of Covid-19 Positive News), people leaving Zoom for real interactions, 2D pasta that becomes 3D, and the border regarding the Donald Trump administration and Kamala Harris.

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