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In this episode of Little News Ears from May 22, 2020, BoxerBlu and Bram celebrate Memorial Day Weekend and Harvey Milk Day! They learn about activism and what being a foster parent means.

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In this episode of Little News Ears from May 20, 2020, BoxerBlu and Bram learn about President Trump ingesting hydroxychloroquine and about a potential vaccine against Covid-19 from the Moderna company.

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The last three months of Little News Ears podcasts and videos, exclusively here.

Other News for Kids

  • News Roundup: Sir Captain Tom, a Singapore Quiz, & $1 Million in Trash
    In today's news roundup, Captain Tom gets a knighthood, a Singapore man wins a radio contest with the help of a singing star, and a family in Virginia finds nearly $1 million in "trash" bags on the road. Source Read more »
  • For Real? Remote-Control Scooters, Freeing Whales, & a Free Picasso
    Among the more unusual news stories recently…Peachtree Corners, Georgia tries out remote-controlled scooters, a diver saves a whale and almost catches a whale of a fine, and a woman is given a ticket that wins her a $1.1 million Picasso painting. Source Read more »
  • Pippi Longstocking Turns 75
    Pippi Longstocking, the fiery 9-year-old red-haired hero of children's books, turned 75 yesterday. The first Pippi Longstocking book, written by Swedish author Astrid Lindgren, was published in 1945. Source Read more »
  • Cyclone Amphan Batters India and Bangladesh
    With heavy rains and strong winds, Cyclone Amphan hit the coast of India and Bangladesh on Wednesday afternoon, tearing up homes and other buildings, after forcing millions to evacuate. Source Read more »
  • Broken Dams Lead to Flooding in Michigan
    After days of heavy rains, high waters have caused two dams to collapse in central Michigan. The waters released by the dams have flooded Midland, and forced around 11,000 people to leave their homes. Source Read more »
  • Moths Work the Night Shift, Busy as Bees
    Though most people are aware that bees play an important part in the life cycle of many plants, moths, which are active at night, don't get the same attention. A recent study suggests that moths might be just as important. Source Read more »
  • A Changed Sports World Starts Back Up Slowly
    As countries around the world relax their lockdown rules, sports organizations are starting back up. In some countries, some pro sports have begun playing games again. In most places, games are played in empty stadiums with no fans. Source Read more »
  • Typhoon VongFong & Tropical Storm Arthur
    The storm season in the West Pacific and Atlantic oceans has begun with two strong storms. Late last week, the Philippines was hit hard by Typhoon Vongfong. In the US, Tropical Storm Arthur is expected to hit North Carolina this morning. Source Read more »
  • News Roundup: Obama Speaks, Strong Seniors, & Stork Chicks
    In today's news roundup, Ex-President Barack Obama delivers two graduation speeches, several women over the age of 100 recover from the coronavirus, and the United Kingdom gets its first white stork chicks in 600 years. Source Read more »
  • For Real? Three Words, a Robot Dog, and a 1080
    Among the more unusual news stories recently…Singapore uses a robot dog to encourage social distancing, an 11-year-old skateboarder does three complete turns in the air, and an injured hiker in Tasmania is found and rescued thanks to three little words. Source Read more »
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  • The Impact Of COVID-19 On Restaurants
    Have you used UberEats, Doordash, or Grubhub to order food? With the coronavirus outbreak, the demand for food delivery apps has boomed over the past couple of months. However, while it is critical to support local businesses during this time, food delivery apps might not be the best decision. The… Read more »
  • The Heroic Acts Of Doris Miller
    The U.S. Navy is set to name a new aircraft carrier after Doris Miller, a black sailor whose actions saved lives during Japan’s 1941 attack on Pearl Harbor, Hawaii. This will be the first time an aircraft carrier has ever been named after an African American, as throughout history, they… Read more »
  • Teaching Dogs To Smell COVID-19 Virus
    Do you think you could sniff out a teaspoon of sugar from a million gallons of water? Or how about detecting a virus or cancer with your nose? Well, you could if you were a dog as a dog's nose is 10,000 times more sensitive than that of humans! Scientists… Read more »
  • Scientists Find A Way To Save Corals
    As temperatures continue to rise as a result of global warming, we are not the only ones feeling the heat. Our oceans are also getting warmer, causing corals to die from a phenomenon known as “bleaching.” As bleaching spreads, biologists fear that 70 to 90 percent of our beautiful coral… Read more »
  • A Meat Shortage in the U.S?
    Americans eat a lot of meat. In fact, Americans eat more meat, per person, than almost anywhere else on the globe. According to the U.S. Department of Agriculture, Americans ate a record amount of meat in 2018 - an average of 222.2 pounds per person, surpassing the previous record set… Read more »
  • Lizards Adapt To Hurricanes!
    You may have heard of natural selection through Darwin’s study of finches on the Galapagos Islands. But did you know that hurricanes may have led to a new generation of lizards that evolved to have enlarged toe pads? Scientists were studying the anole lizards in the Caribbean which had been… Read more »
  • Countries Pledge $8B For A Vaccine
    “ As long as the virus is somewhere, it’s everywhere ,” Melinda Gates emphasized at a global teleconference where world leaders spoke about the need for cooperation. The EU led an effort to raise money for vaccine research and development for COVID-19. With contributions from governments, philanthropists, and private businesses,… Read more »
  • Youth Op-Ed: Coping With The New Normal
    When my principal announced our school’s closure (for three weeks, at that time), the sounds of rejoicing erupted. Students were ecstatic, excited about their elongated spring break. Teachers remained solemn, gravely announcing their makeshift plans to distracted ears. Most of us had failed to grasp what this actually meant, until… Read more »
  • Youth Op-Ed: Finding Ways To Socialize
    “Humans are social creatures.” I had heard this phrase all my life, but I never really identified with it. I enjoy being alone and thought I would never get bored of doing things by myself. Of course, I love seeing my friends and teachers at school, but I also like… Read more »
  • Youth Op-Ed: Learning To Appreciate Loved Ones
    I admit I haven’t been the best daughter, sister, or friend since COVID-19 started affecting our lives. After California’s shelter-in-place law was passed, I took the opportunity of staying home just to confine myself in my room. Though I still had online school and homework, I had a lot more… Read more »
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