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4/16/2021: Little News Ears is seeking a Diverse Kid Content Creator. Please send an email to dan@lne.news if interested.
4/15/2021: LGBTQ Kidlines has been delayed by a week to make sure it’s as good as it can be! Hope you will enjoy’s today’s episode of Kiki’s Kidlines!
4/9/2021: ‘It’s an honor to be featured in the cartoonized news!’ – Serenitie Wang, CNN. Original tweet.
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It’s April 18, 2021. Paxton ‘kidifies’ world headlines about a Nigerian athlete, Macron closing down the ENA, Women’s Sheds in Australia, Fukushima wastewater going into the ocean, and Brazilian politicians changing their race.

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It’s April 15, 2021. Kiki ‘kidifies’ headlines about Derek Chauvin’s defense, the Octagon Earthworks, Prancer the Dog, Aaron Hicks & Daunte Wright, and Matt Gaetz

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