NYPD Video Game Truck? Trump Org Under Fire, Let’s Whistle!

It’s July 25, 2021. Kiki ‘kidifies’ headlines about the NYPD video game truck, the popularity of natural pools, Molly Lewis bringing back the art of whistling, the NY DA arresting Allen Weisselberg, and a manicure done by robots.

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Boy Genius Plans for Immortality, Haiti: Tragedy, Branson in Space

It’s July 18, 2021. Paxton ‘kidifies’ world headlines about the situation in Haiti, Richard Branson’s voyage into space, photos from UAE’s Hope spacecraft, a genius boy from Belgium who plans to learn how to live forever, and a woman who named her children after heavy metal bands.

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7/13/2021: Please be patient as we update our website.

7/3/2021: The summer is officially here! Little News Ears is slowing down to one episode per week. See you in September!

6/27/2021: Did you miss the Season 1 Finale of Cherry, Bird, Cow? You can see it here.  And the final cartoon news episode of that show is here.

6/23/2021: Dorie Chevlen, writer at the NYT tweets: ”What a wonderful installment! Flattered to have been a part of it :)’ about the final episode of Season 2, BoxerBlu and Bram. Original tweet.

6/18/2021: Calling all kids! Want to be a newscaster for Little News Ears? Drop us a line.

6/17/2021: “[Kiki’s Kidlines is] for ones who want kids to watch fun cartoon science” – Dr. Lining Yao, Mechanical Engineer at Carnegie Mellon University. Original tweet.

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