News for Kids by Kids: Extinction Status – The Black Rhino

Brand new show! It’s September 16, 2021. Annabel teaches kids all about the black rhino and its endangered status while sharing an interview with a tracker she read about online.

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The Black Rifle Coffee Company’s Image Problem, Alfie the Swan

Brand new show! It’s September 14, 2021. Clementine, Jasper, and Jarvis are a family living in Houston. Oh yeah, Clementine is half-vampire. Clementine teaches us about news for kids but one of them is from her imagination. Which one? The family teaches us about E. coli that glows near landmines, the image problem of the Black Rifle Coffee Company, robotic skin that repairs itself, a mute swan named Alfie and how it got saved, and how Amazon seems to sometimes treat its customers like guinea pigs.

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9/14/2021: Every episode of LNE one year or older is now on Youtube. Just type “little news ears” and the keyword you are looking for and see what you find!

9/14/2021: is back in full force: Dragon Ranger Owl!

9/3/2021: Kim Elsesser, PhD and Forbes correspondent writes, “Can’t wait to watch! Thanks for covering this issue [about the Norwegian Handball Federation]” – Original Tweet

8/31/2021: A lost episode of BoxerBlu and Bram. Check it out!

8/29/2021: Hey Houston! Little News Ears is putting a show together with teenagers in Houston. Check it out here.

8/15/2021: Can you believe that the first episode of Queen Zina’s Weird and Gross News was downloaded over 500 times? Check out the video here.

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