Little News Ears is a podcast and video show for people who want to know what’s going on around the world in an easy-to-digest way. Our shows are geared for 4 year-olds and up. ‘Super people’ and teachers can see hundreds of educator-curated lesson plans, quizzes, and vocabulary to teach and learn.

Little News Ears hits the big issues in news with sensitivity toward different points of view.

First time watching? Please be aware that Little News Ears aims to be positive, inspiring, challenging, funny, and educational–but it is something quite different than ‘kiddie news.’ Complex concepts are broken down whenever possible. War, violence, and generally nightmarish things are de-emphasized, if not ignored completely. Nevertheless, it was designed by educators in the vein of Fred Rogers teaching children about the Kennedy assassination. Though sitting near a parent is not required, it is advisable, especially for the video quizzes.

A short sample of our show is here.

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Dan Buck created Little News Ears in 2019 so that his young children would know more and could care more about the world. A one-time assistant at DreamWorks, after dabbling in supporting roles on NBC and FOX and shooting a short film on a Warner Bros. lot, Dan Buck traveled the world for fifteen years. Abroad, he wrote two novels and became passionate about education and the news. He is the voice of BoxerBlu, Bram, Milo, and Otis the Loris.


Sandra Menard joined the Little News Ears team in 2020 in a public relations role. One day Dan Buck heard her talking in a cartoon voice and the rest is history. She is the voice of Kiki.


Timmy Ong is an actor, singer, dancer, and musician, with experience in theatre, musical theatre, dance, concerts, ads, and short films. He also writes/creates theatrically under the Green-Eyed Monster Project. Hailing from and first trained in Malaysia, he is ever exploring the different but connected forms of the performing arts, and is looking to tell stories with new perspectives. He is the voice of Paxton.


Andrew Dodds hails from Canada. He is an avid sports fan. He likes science and he has a daughter that he loves very much. He is the voice of Chooki and Pleep.


David Beach is a actor and comedian based in California. He does the voices of Enzo, Felix, and Winston, otherwise known as Cherry, Bird, Cow. More info about David can be found here.

Enzo Biscotto

Enzo is part man, part superb bird of paradise. He comes from Zoocenia. He always wanted to be a superhero, but it just never worked out. He lives with his grandson, Winston, and his adopted son, Enzo, in Ataraxia, California. Their whole big thing is working on their flyers-on-bathroom-stalls thing called The Toilet Paper.

Felix Parker

Felix was found in a shipment of giant cherries that came from Zoocenia, millions of years in the future, and accidentally arrived on Enzo’s stoop in California in 2012. He is part-cherry, but does have the ability to leave his cherry sometimes. He works with his adoptive father on a kind of ‘newspaper’ called The Toilet Paper.

Winston Sturgis

Winston is Enzo’s grandson, but he lives with him. Something weird happened with his parents. He’s four years old and he loves working on The Toilet Paper.


Milo is part-boy, part red panda. He has an adult’s voice for some reason. He gives us news for 0 – 3 year-olds.


Chooki is part purple gorilla, part man, and all scientist. He came from Zoocenia to study Earth in 2020 and has never looked back.


Pleep comes from the land in Zoocenia that used to be known as Brazil. He is a soccer and sports fanatic. Chooki is his best friend, especially when he gets into trouble.


Paxton Kincaid is a flamingo-man who arrived from Zoocenia from the strangest of places: he jumped out of a hot-air water balloon. Paxton’s interests lie beyond the USA. He gives us the headlines about the world, striving to teach us about five different continents, five days a week.


Kiki is the spokesperson for Little News Ears. Part caracal and part woman, Kiki originally hails from Zoocenia; she has acquired a French-Canadian accent by spending many years in what was once known as Quebec. Kiki ‘kidifies’ headlines on a regular basis in both English and French. Kiki likes the blues but otherwise does not care to share her personal life.


Née Jake Sassafrass, BoxerBlu will be born far into the future, when the Earth is no longer called Earth. There in Zoocenia, BoxerBlu will work as an aerial performer in what could best be described as a circus before meeting Bram in 2015 on Earth. How he found Bram can be learned in Episode 20. Jake likes country music and is 251 years old.


Currently four years old, Bram lives together with BoxerBlu, his dad, in a secret location connected to a science center in New Jersey. Born without the ability to see, Bram wears a visor that gives him special abilities, including sight.


Otis the Loris hails from Zoocenia. His body is orange and he is the Master of the Caves. His specialty is to ask and answer questions about the day’s news, which can be found in the Super Parent / Teacher’s section of the website.