Little News Ears is a subscription-based streaming news for kids (and kids-at-heart) website. It’s for people who want to know what’s going on around the world in a fun way. Most of our shows are geared for 4 year-olds and up. 

Little News Ears hits the big issues in news with sensitivity toward different points of view.

First time watching? Please be aware that Little News Ears aims to be positive, inspiring, challenging, funny, and educational–but it is something quite different than ‘kiddie news.’ Complex concepts are broken down whenever possible. War, violence, and generally nightmarish things are de-emphasized, if not ignored completely. Nevertheless, it was designed by educators in the vein of Fred Rogers teaching children about the Kennedy assassination. Though sitting near a parent is not required, it is advisable. We envision a world where parents and teachers stop to answer and ask questions about today’s world so kids can know what the adults are talking about.

A short sample of one of our shows is below and many more can be seen here on YouTube.

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Who We Are…



Zoe is a 12 year old actor, singer, and dancer located in Australia. She has been doing performing arts classes since she was four years old. She enjoys hanging out with her friends, making videos, and anything to do with the performing arts! Zoe will start a new show in the fall for Little News Ears.


Taylor is a young actor living in the UK. She has had multiple acting lessons, she is turning 14 in August, and she loves listening to music and being around her friends. Taylor will anchor a new show in the fall for Little News Ears.


Ryan  (he/him) is a young actor, director, student, and avid news reader. Some of his favorite onstage roles have included Jack (‘Into the Woods’), Tommy (‘The Audition’), and Buddy (‘Elf: The Musical JR’). He has also appeared in film, and is the Founding Artistic Director of The Fletcher Family Theatre. Ryan will anchor a new show in the fall for Little News Ears.


Noopur (she/her) is an actor, director, singer, and orator. She is kind, silly, friendly, and always willing to help others. She loves drama and theater. She started her drama club for young kids in her community at 12 years and so far has had four successful productions. She sought to engage herself during the pandemic and participated in more than ten virtual plays throughout the county. She learned acting skills from two different acting schools. She is excited to be part of Little News Ears. Her show is called Nuntium.


Mary is an actress and a dancer. She acts in Ukrainian theater, does ballroom dancing, plays the piano and swims. She wants to travel around the world and learn as much as she can.


Jordyn is currently in modeling and acting classes and recently attended the International Modeling and Talent Association Competition where she walked away with an award for the best Kids Spot Script and one of the Most Sought After Female Talents. Jordyn has appeared on four tv shows (apple tv+, hbo, and nbc) and she also had a supporting role in a short film. She has 30 chickens, 2 ducks, 2 goats, a dog, and four siblings. She loves playing basketball, singing, and dancing. Her show, “Lights, Camera, Jordyn” debuted in late September. 


“Today’s Wild News” host Jonathan is a 9 year old actor living in the USA. He is a true cowboy, quad rider, and a big time animal lover (especially cats, dogs, and squirrels). He enjoys helping to foster kittens for animal shelters and Rescues. Just like his show suggests, Jonathan is ready to take on anything “Wild” and give you the news story on it!”


Hannah is a 14 year-old model and actress who has played the flute for seven years. She is also an avid volleyball player. Hannah is passionate about law and hopes to be a lawyer some day. Her show, ‘In Awe of the Law’ premieres soon.


Genesis is an actor, singer, guitarist, pianist, and artist. She loves drawing and illustrating children’s books and she publishes on Amazon. She loves to sing and play songs from her favorite rock bands. Her mission is to spread positivity to kids through music and art. Her show Gen Z Talk with Genesis


Ericka is a precocious student, with a curious mind. She loves all things cat and unicorn! Her show, Ericka’s News and Views will be debuting soon.


Annabella: I like to play tennis and do math problems! I don’t know about you but I love playing sports, travelling and tasting new yummy food! Be a cool bean and watch my show!

John: My name is John and I like to play any types of sports including football, soccer, tennis, and volleyball. I also have a brown belt in karate. I love to watch memes because I am funny and memes are too.


Annabel is an 11-year-old British actor/singer/dancer living in the Pacific Northwest. Annabel loves animals, playing Minecraft with her friends, and jumping on her trampoline. She also enjoys creating videos like dance, sequences, and short movies! Annabel’s news for kids show focuses on climate change, endangered animals, and plants. ‘Extinction Status’ debuted in September.


Angelina lives in Australia and she is an actor, singer, and dancer. Her upcoming show focuses on Australian animals.


Born in Chicago and raised in Iowa, teenage Andrew is passionate about music, dance and art. He’s always had a dream for bringing people together through art and his way of doing that is music. He wants people to feel like they have a home around him and also feel like they have a safe space.


Addie is excited to bring you stories highlighting some of our favorite animals! Six years old and from Florida, she enjoys dancing, singing and basically loving life! She is an actress and a model, and is thrilled to share her news stories with you! Be sure to tune in to Little News Ears with Addie!


Ten years old and from Australia, Addy is a model and an actress. She loves to sing, dance, and dress up. Her favorite outdoor things to do are jetskiing and dirt-bike riding. She is passionate about politics and hopes to make a difference one day. She has always said her goal is to become the president of the USA. However, realistically being from Australia, she is happy to settle for Prime Minister! Addy started a show on Little News Ears in September 2021.



Tanya White is an actor, poet, playwright and teacher. She is the creator of an upcoming character for a new show on Little News Ears.


Michelle Voice is the voice of Queen Zina: Weird and Gross News for Kids. Michelle is a British expat who has lived in the US for 13 years now. She is an elementary school teacher, loves anything drama or theatre related and has two young boys of her own, who both love Little News Ears.


Stephanie Taylor is a NY based stage, film, TV, and voice actress originally from Texas. After a childhood of musical theatre, she’s gone on to work with regional theaters coast to coast. Internationally, she’s performed and taught Shakespeare in Italy and is the Head of Drama at The Main Idea in Maine. She has her BFA from NYU under the thumb of Stella Adler. Currently, you can hear her in radio plays on WPKN, as Prime Minister Tabitha Thompson in the podcast, Starcrossed, and as the Dragon Mizuchi in the upcoming animated series, Anodyne.  She also occasionally guest stars on Cherry, Bird, Cow!


Morgan Tarrant is a stage and screen actress by day and an improv teacher by night. Some of her favorite roles include Jan (Grease), Logainne Schwartzandgrubenierre (Spelling Bee) and Emily (A Christmas Carol). When she isn’t on stage she’s backstage helping or exploring the world with her soulmate. She also has a major role in a new dark universe web series debuting Halloween weekend through Zoocenia. She is the voice of Chooki and Pleep.


Danielle is a consultant for LGBTQ related matters regarding Little News Ears. Danielle (she/her) loves to hike, work out, and spread kindness in the world. Working for an LGBTQ+ owned and run company, Only Human, she focuses on fighting for equity for all humans and doing more good in the world.


Timmy Ong is an actor, singer, dancer, and musician, with experience in theatre, musical theatre, dance, concerts, ads, and short films. He also writes/creates theatrically under the Green-Eyed Monster Project. Hailing from and first trained in Malaysia, he is ever exploring the different but connected forms of the performing arts, and is looking to tell stories with new perspectives. He is the voice of Paxton.


Hailing from Quebec, Sandra Menard joined the Little News Ears team in 2020 in a public relations role. One day Dan Buck heard her talking in a cartoon voice and the rest is history. She is the voice of Kiki. She also occasionally provides the voices for the Little News Ears podcast in French.


Stuart Maxheimer is an actor and comedian located in the Southeastern USA. He is a very dedicated, versatile and hard-working actor. He takes on comedic and dramatic roles in film and television. He also has experience with doing stand-up across the Midwest, and hosting events. Stuart has a comedic news for kids show starting in the fall on Little News Ears.


Danai is a mom of one tiny human and a children’s book author. Her most recent work is ‘The Princess Games,’ an adventure story that turns traditional fairytale tropes on their heads! When not writing, acting, or assisting her 23 inch boss, Danai likes to read, learn about the world around her, and explore. She is the voice of  Temba.


Glow has a Doctorate in Psychology. She’s an actress, model, singer, dancer, athlete and cosplayer based in the Philippines. She is a total kid at heart who loves to explore various cultures. She has travelled and studied in different part of Asia and the United States. She loves New York City the most when she’s in the US. Glow has done a few award-winning US short films and been a child actor/model/singer/dancer/athlete in the Philippines. She loves joining and winning quiz bees, and beauty/talent/sports competitions.


Alia Ettienne is a theatre writer, actor, performer and facilitator from Toronto, ON. Ettienne is of Afro Caribbean descent which often influences her performances and writing. Initially, she studied Performance at Sheridan College, moving on to explore Creative Writing and Arts Marketing. Her first solo piece, YellowZoned, premiered in The 2016 Toronto Fringe Festival, remounting in Hamilton,ON on two separate occasions. This lead to her being featured in Hamilton’s View’s Magazine. Her creative wellness program, Chill N Do Art, has been running for a total of four years. This workshop series then inspired her to start the Creative Coping Kits Initiative, which attracted the attention of Toronto blog She In The City. Currently, she is most focused on The Creative Coping Kits Initiative, and writing her second full length piece Allow For Release: The Xiety Complex.


Dan Buck created Zoocenia and Little News Ears in 2019 so that his young children would know more and could care more about the world. Co-founder of Sketchup, the University of Maryland sketch comedy troupe and a one-time assistant at DreamWorks, after dabbling in supporting roles on NBC and FOX and shooting a short film on a Warner Bros. lot, Dan Buck traveled the world for fifteen years, spending significant time in Sri Lanka, Germany, Brazil, Norway, Morocco, Albania, Thailand, and China. Abroad, he wrote two novels and became passionate about education and the news.  In his day job he is a school leader. He is the voice of BoxerBlu, Bram, Jasper, Jarvis, Clementine, and Milo.


David Beach is an actor and comedian based in California. He does the voices of Enzo, Felix, and Winston, otherwise known as Cherry, Bird, Cow. More info about David can be found here.

Our Shows

AJ News

Food, sports, news, and fun! In this news show, Annabella and John will tell kids a bit of news from the past month, review food places, and update you on the sport scores around the world!

BoxerBlu & Bram

BoxerBlu & Bram is a news for kids show that goes a bit in depth with five current events. It comes out once a month and is geared toward 6 year-olds and up. Debut: April 2020

Cherry, Bird, Cow

Cherry, Bird, Cow is a news for kids show that goes a bit in depth and focuses on five news items. It is is geared toward 5 year-olds and up. Debut: August 2020

Chooki & Pleep

Chooki & Pleep is a short ‘headline show’ that focuses on science and sports news for kids. Debut: August 2020

Ericka's News and Views

Current events reported by a budding journalist. Learn and stay up to date with Ericka! Debut: November 2021


Extinction Status

In Extinction Status you will learn about the endangered animals of the world and what they eat, where they live and how close they are to extinction. Episodes will also showcase a news article on the featured animal of the episode. New episodes will premiere every month. Debut: September 2021

Facts and Folklore

Facts and Folklore is a combination of world facts, storytelling and art class. A great show for both inquisitive and creative kids. Each episode features relevant world news and a piece of folklore from the region.This show ends with a drawing assignment every episode. Debut: September 2021

Gen Z on Gen Z

Gen Z on Gen Z is an interactive, biweekly news show for Middle and High Schoolers focusing on current events that relate to the future of Gen Z, in order to make current events interesting and relevant for tweens and teens. Debut: September 2021

Gen Z Talk with Genesis

This show discusses topics relating to Generation Z, hosted by a kid from Gen Z. Genesis talks about trending topics, school issues, and much more relating to Gen Z. Debut: October 2021

Goofy News with Stu

Stu delivers kid friendly news stories for kids and parents alike. He also drops in some banter and jokes at the end of each story. News stories can be regular or silly news. Debut: September 2021

In Awe of the Law

Hannah’s show will connect the law with every day life. Every episode will feature a real in the news criminal offense and the laws pertaining to that crime. Legal terms will be explained and viewers will be encouraged to make good choices. Coming soon.

Jerome's Corner

A purple puppet by the name of Jerome is giving the news on current news events, some that he also helps to inform.
Debut: October 2021

Kids News from Ukraine with Mary

Mary teaches us about news from Ukraine and also how to cook!
Debut: December 2021

Kiki's Kidlines

Kiki’s Kidlines is a short ‘headline show’ that focuses on headline news in the US. Debut: June 2020

Little Ears, Big News

My show is made in Australia. On my show you might catch some modeling and acting tips, some outdoor stories, and mini food prep segments. You might hear school politics and real world news including climate change updates.

Little Jade Tree News

Little Jade Tree News: Asian-American News and Beyond for Kids by Glow covers and captures all the firsts, trending, coolest, scientific, celebrity, politics, business, fashion, profiles and creative news that children, teens and even parents need to know in the world of the Asian-American community and beyond. Each concept will be simplified and explained so as to easily understand. Debuts December 2021.

Milo's News

Milo’s News is a show that comes out once in a while and is geared toward our youngest learners. No subscription is required to check out these videos at Little News Ears – Cuddly News. Debut: August 2020


Nuntium, talks about current events. Each show includes a short original song. Debut: October 2021

Quinn's Kidlines

Quinn’s Kidlines comes out once a month and focuses on short headlines from the LGBTQ+ community. Debut: April 2021

Lights, Camera, Jordyn!

Lights, Camera, Jordyn brings the hottest fashion trends to kids everywhere. Jordyn will showcase what is hot in the fashion industry right now and share with you her tips on how to incorporate those fashion items into your everyday attire. Debut: September 2021

Taylor's News, Facts, and Fun

Taylor’s News, Facts, and Fun.  Taylor teaches kids about interesting news with a focus from the UK. Debut: September 2021

Teenage Talk with Andrew

Teenage Talk W/ Andrew is not just a show. It’s a safe space where teens of all ages can connect with each other and help solve the world’s problems at the same time. Coming soon.

Temba's Kidlines

Temba’s Kidlines comes out once a month and focuses on short headlines from the black community. Debut: June 2021

Weird and Gross News with Queen Zina

Weird and Gross News with Queen Zina comes out once a month and focuses on the weird and the gross. Debut: March 2021

World Kidlines with Paxton

World Kidlines with Paxton is a short headline news show that focuses on different countries around the world. It comes out once a month. Debut: July 2020