Q: What kind of bias do you have?

A: We don’t consider ourselves to be any more liberally biased than more mainstream news for kids websites. The children and adults who create shows independently from Little News Ears do so on their own. Their conservative or liberal biases would be welcomed provided that what they are creating is still news for kids.

The cartoon video news is produced by us entirely. On the longer shows we sometimes make fun of celebrities, but we do not target one type of celebrity over another. We talk about controversial issues without taking sides. As an example, we want children to understand what Critical Race Theory (CRT) is and what the debate is about, but we don’t take sides on the issue.

Q: Why do you teach children about scary incidents in history, like the Holocaust?

A: We do our best to give children as much information about the whole world as we can without scaring them because we believe that children deserve to know almost everything they can about the world. We don’t want children only learning about World War 2 in middle school. There’s a way to learn about World War 2 in elementary school without focusing on destruction. 

Q: How can I see the videos or hear the podcasts for free?

A: Simply log on every day. On the top right side you can always see the ‘almost latest’ episode. Or use YouTube or any common podcast directory to search through older episodes. 

Q: Who produces Little News Ears?

A: Little News Ears is produced by Zoocenia, LLC