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How to Remove a Potato from a Toilet

Dan Buck 
March 1, 2021
For those of you who truly want to know how to extract a potato that has been flushed into a commode, I’ve got you covered. The main reason I am writing this is not to teach you how to remove a tuber from a toilet, but to share the true creative, innovative, and intellectual joy I felt when I actually accomplished this feat.
Neurotransmitters were shooting in my brain that I haven’t felt in years. Maybe people who work with their hands feel like this every day? But hear me loud and clear:  I solved a problem. And this problem was an unwanted spud.
So the first thing that you have to know is that if you do drop a murphy into your khazi and you Google (or maybe you Bing? Are you the kind of person who Bings?) things like “potato flushed toilet’ or “Potato clog toilet” there are comments on message boards from 2011 or so that say things like:
Wait two months. The potato will eventually rot
An M80
“I believe I have the easiest fix of all: threaten to sue the landlord and share pictures on social media”
With no landlord to assist me or sue, I was mostly on this mission on my own. My wife helped me move the whale and my son, the malefactor, helped with the garden hose (as I will eventually detail).
So I thought the solution would be to get what is referred to as a toilet snake.
It has a fairly sharp rubber arrowhead. You turn the wheel. The snake goes down and cuts through whatever is stuck. I think it’s meant to be like a low tech version of those spider robots in Minority Report. Remember?
In retrospect, I guess it’s obvious that a rubber arrowhead wouldn’t hew through a raw potato.
So here is the solution.

1.  Turn off the water to the toilet

2. Drain all the water from the toilet

My wife and I did this by siphoning water from the chamber in the back and eventually just pouring the rest of the water out down the sewage pipe.

3. Remove the toilet screws.

These are probably called something else. Toilet bolts?  Let’s just call them toilet screws.

4. Turn the toilet over onto its side.

This is not me, by the way.

5. See if you can see the potato through the other side–i.e., the bottom of the toilet.

Note 1: if the potato is not in your toilet, but is actually in your sewage pipe, you probably need to call a plumber.
Note 2: It can be surprisingly very frustrating to see a potato peeking at you from inside a toilet.

6. Kid yourself and try to use the snake or a coat hanger to take the potato out if you can see it from the bottom. 

I had dreams of using a corkscrew somehow.  And don’t get mad when you push the potato out of sight.
Even more surprising than the frustration at seeing the potato peeking at you mentioned above, you will now miss the potato.
But it will be too late.

7. If this doesn’t work, take your toilet outside.

8. Turn your toilet upside down.

9. Place a garden hose as far as you can into the back of the toilet.

Note: You may need to angle the toilet so the potato can fall out more easily.

10. Blast water through the toilet, backwards.

No surrender.

11. You did it!

If you look carefully you can see the potato.
I literally shouted, ‘The potato is out!’ three times. Victory was mine! Just a truly amazing feeling.
The question I have for you now is this:  how can we recreate a struggle like this every day so we get to creatively problem-solve and get the rush from it afterwards?
And what should the consequences be for my son?
And why did he want to put a potato in the toilet?
And why did he leave the bag of potatoes right in front of the toilet to begin with?
Was he taunting me?

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